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  • Hydraulic power steering gear
    Resist steering resistance by increasing external force to make drivers finish steering more easily.

  • Water Pump
    Anxing Auto Water Pump can achieve the best cooling effect when engine load is not increased. Better cooling effect of Anxing Auto Water Pump is shown due to advanced aluminum die casting technology. Adoption of high quality raw materials ensures pump bodies are solider, corrosion-resistant and with longer service lifetime.

  • Oil Pump
    Anxing Auto Oil Pump continuously fosters brand and adopts sophisticated production technology at the initial stage of entry into markets. Anxings oil pump on after markets has the same quality, performance, durability and reliability as OE products.

  • Hydraulic power steering gear
    hrough the high-tech means synthetic base oil composition, even when the vehicle is parked for a long time, formed in the synthesis of oil under the action of the lubricating oil film close on the surface of metal parts, so that easy to start, and greatly reduce or even wear under heavy load. Ensure the oil in the engine under the high temperature environment, a very low volatile loss.

  • ABOUT ANXING & Quality assurance

    To research, develop and produce quality products in scientific ways;

    To achieve entire unity and harmony, create a comfortable and clean working environment;

    To pursue profit for company, seek benefits and family happiness for all the staff.

    Anxing Holdings is headquartered in Gu'an Industrial Development Zone of Langfang,covering an area of 50 mu. With total investment of more than 80 million Yuan, Anxing Company is a comprehensive base integrating R&D, production and sale of lubricating oils and auto supplies/accessories. It consists of wholly-owned subsidiary Langfang Anxing Auto Supplies Co., Ltd., Yuhuan County Anxing Auto Oil Pump Factory and transnational joint venture Bonaite Petrochemical Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The headquarter base is equipped with lubricating oil automated filling production lines, large Germany-importedpulse blending equipment as well as physicochemical labs with modern testing facilities. Annual production capacity for lubricating oils reaches 100,000 tons. Two million sets of various auto supplies (auto oil pumps, auto water pumps and steering gears) and other auto parts are produced annually ...

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    Hydraulic power steering gear
    Operation convenience
    Safe driving
    Water Pump
    Advanced aluminum die casting
    Adoption of high quality raw
    Anything Oil Pump
    Adopts sophisticated production
    Same quality, performance,
    durability and reliability as OE products.
    Anything Lubricating Oil
    Excellent clean dispersion and oxidation resistance.
    Reduce engine wear and prolong the service life of the engine.